October 20th

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An illustration for this fall’s issue of the Fine Print!


Hey this is mine!! Thanks eatsleepdraw!!

October 19th

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A giant animal arrived at night. We gave him some food and he left without doing any harm.

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Sure, I’m sure — stay tuned for more bus station excitement!

October 18th

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inktober! this one is paying tribute to some of the furry critters in my life, dogs! i couldn’t even fit ALL of them.. 

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Ah, spacefood!

October 17th

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turtle power 

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"The Changing of the Seasons"

The changing of the seasons
Makes her idealize the past.
And she’s not sure the reasons,
But time is moving oh so fast.

She remembers as a child
When a day was like a year
The summers were sunny and mild,
The fall and winter filled with cheer.

Now the seasons are a reminder
Of the inexhorable march of time.
As more decades stack behind her,
She wonders if she already had her prime.

But things weren’t better “back when”,
Distance just makes it all seem better
And while the cold weather moves in again,
She can just put on a warm sweater.

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October 12th

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America’s failed foreign policy summarized in 2 pictures.

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